Field Observations

When was the last time you strolled through the woods?
When was the last time you lay down in the grass and looked up, watching the clouds sail on by?
Went on a picnic? Or watched the birds sail from tree to tree?
Or listened to the crickets sing as the wind russles through the leaves?
Or been outside on a cold day, smelling the fresh air?
Or smelled the smoke of a distant oak wood fire?
Or you came inside, feeling the warmth, smelling a fresh baked apple pie?
Or smelled the perfume of your own true love?

Sit down in a field and wake up to the wonders around you. Expand.

Into The Cupboard--Hobbit Resources

What a Glorious weekend! Cold, Crisp, Clear, Windy and Breathtakingly Sunny!
Here are a couple of cool resources to check out: To your right is: A Shire Guide Through The Gate- Scroll to the bottom entry: Shire and click.
Next: Go to ITunes and type in jrr tolkien, Choose: Seattle Pacific University More Lectures, Then get #37 C.S. Lewis and The Art of Storytelling by Earl Palmer Excellent! and Free!
#39 C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien Scholars and Friends by Christopher Mitchell Gives us a peak into their private world, and also is excellent. Explore and Enjoy! Until next time...Here's To The Shire!

PS Click on the picture above for a large view.

The Road To Autumn

I walk beneath a canopy
of dying leaves
Still clinging to the trees
Down a path of golden memories,
I follow into autumn where it leads
Elaine George
Photo: Della LeBlanc
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