A Golden Afternoon Of Late Autumn Sunshine

The sunset is piercingly clear and beautiful. We went from almost 85 to 38 in a little over one day. That's almost a 50 degree drop. We went from late high summer to late fall or early winter. With the yellows, greens, browns and reds of Autumn, a passage tickles my memory as it does each year at this time. No picture can do it justice, so just sit back and listen and walk with Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin as they come out of the Old Forest...
" After stumbling along for some way along the stream, they came quite suddenly out of the gloom. As if through a gate they saw the sunlight before them. Coming to the opening they found that they had made their way down through a cleft in a high steep bank, almost a cliff. At its feet was a wide space of grass and reeds; and in the distance could be glimpsed another bank almost as steep."
"A golden afternoon of late sunshine lay warm and drowsy upon the hidden land between. In the midst of it there wound lazily a dark river of brown water, blocked with fallen willows, and flecked with thousands of faded willow-leaves. The air was thick with them, fluttering yellow from the branches; for there was a warm and gentle breeze blowing softly in the valley, and the reeds were rustling, and the willow-boughs were creaking."
From: The Fellowship of The Ring, The Old Forest


Now You Know

Back in the Winter of 65, two friends Jeff, Keith and I were off on a climbing/camping trip to a granite dome mountain, 'Rocky Face'. On the peak, we held our mountain climbing friend, Keith , who by the way had climbed these mountains (above), 'hostage', until he read us The Hobbit.
As night fell, all I had was this old Sears cloth sleeping bag. The temp. was falling into the teens, so I wrapped a rock from the fire circle into a towel and put it in the bottom of my bag... Warm and Comfy! Later they started calling me Bilbo. Now you know.
I borrowed this recent shot of the Misty Mountains (The Grand Tetons) from a wonderful friend and a fine photographer: Della R Leblanc. This is my present screen saver.


Come Join The Walk About!

I was walking yesterday and couldn't resist getting these two shots!
The top is a honey bee on Solidago or ' Goldenrod'. The second is another native,' Pink Muhley' (Muhlenbergia capillaris) while the plant behind it is a variation of 'Pink Muhley' called 'White Cloud'. This fan display is really spectacular in the early morning breeze.
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The Road Goes Ever On And On

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow if I can.
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whether then? I cannot say.


Durin's Day

'Then what is Durin's Day?' asked Elrond.
'The first day of the dwarves 'New Year,' said Thorin, 'is as all should know the first day of the last moon of Autumn on the threshold of Winter. We still call it Durin's Day when the last moon of Autumn and the sun are in the sky together.
I took this picture from 'the Chimney's' at Table Rock, NC