Now You Know

Back in the Winter of 65, two friends Jeff, Keith and I were off on a climbing/camping trip to a granite dome mountain, 'Rocky Face'. On the peak, we held our mountain climbing friend, Keith , who by the way had climbed these mountains (above), 'hostage', until he read us The Hobbit.
As night fell, all I had was this old Sears cloth sleeping bag. The temp. was falling into the teens, so I wrapped a rock from the fire circle into a towel and put it in the bottom of my bag... Warm and Comfy! Later they started calling me Bilbo. Now you know.
I borrowed this recent shot of the Misty Mountains (The Grand Tetons) from a wonderful friend and a fine photographer: Della R Leblanc. This is my present screen saver.

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  1. awww.. thanks for the compliment although I have much to learn in this realm. xoxo